Day after day we fly...Past the moon and the sun and we don't know why!

The Amazing Digital Circus is an indie black comedy webseries about a young woman named Pomni who gets trapped in a virtual circus with 5 other humans at the mercy of Caine, the ringleader and an AI. The show was created by Goosexworx.

TADC currently has a pilot and one episode out. The pilot aired on Youtube on October 13, 2023. The second episode aired May 3, 2024. The pilot went viral, being among the most-watched animation pilots in the history of Youtube.

I watched the pilot a week or so after it came out when I saw some of my mutuals on Twitter posting about it. I liked it. I really like Pomni and Ragatha. I'm interested to see wheere this show goes and if any of my theories come true.





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